About Us

FlybizGroup (PTY) LTD

Welcome to FlybizGroup (PTY) LTD where every business is equal. Our business culture fosters and caters to a verity of businesses across South Africa. Our clients are not only nationally located, some of which are internationally based. In our quest for greatness and business advancement, we have managed to work with some of the biggest names within South Africa Providing services to all types of enterprises and businesses across South Africa.

Our services record speaks for itself. With over 15 years of services and experience. We are good at what we do. We are professionals offering professional services.
And what we guarantee is customer satisfaction.

Our mission

  • -Meet the rapidly changing needs of business of all sizes
  • -Provide effective solutions locally & Globally
  • -Remain at the cutting edge of IT advancement
  • -Continually improve upon & Develop our technical, training and programming services
  • -Establish a leadership in the Information & Communication Technology industry
Our Contacts
202 Rebecca & Federick Str,
Pretoria West
Telephone: 012 770 6815
Telephone: 012 767 8392
Phone: 083 497 8588
Phone: 084 739 2814